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Knee Conditions

We flog our knees from footy and netball when we are young, to boot camp and running to keep fit when we get a little older. I've had a lifetime of rugby union, surfing and skiing, and my left knee in particular has had some wear, which required an arthroscopy some years back, and eventually will completely wear out and I'll ask one of my colleagues to replace it for me...at the appropriate time!

In the meantime, I nurse my knees and recommend you do too with simple panadol-osteo, intermittent anti-inflammatories, some occasional arthritic supplements and even try the copper bracelet on occasion when the knee flares up. All this settles my knee down temporarily.

My knee arthroscope a few years ago helped the sharp stabbing-catching and locking pain, but it's obvious all the damage that I had done, couldn't be completely repaired.

However over the years as an orthopaedic surgeon, I've found arthroscopic reconstruction and repair surgery for acute knee injuries, say an ACL or Meniscal tear, to be terrific surgery, where young and young-at-heart active and sporting patients can be repaired and ultimately they can return to enjoy their passion, including footy, BMX and mountain bike riding, wake boarding, skiing even acrobatic stunt work in the film industry.

Similarly in the older population, knee replacement surgery done carefully and for the right reasons has turned peoples' lives around, taken them from being tormented by night and day pain and unable to play golf or bowls, to comfort and being able to resume their normal daily activities.

Some of the common conditions that I manage include the following:

I would be happy to take a look at your knee problem and make some suggestions, just call Meaghan at my office and arrange a consultation.
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