Orthopaedic Shoulder and Knee Surgeon

Mater Clinic Theatres

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Information about Mater Clinic Theatres from their website

Mater Clinic Theatres, previously known as Mater Orthopaedic Day Surgery Centre (MODS) is a purpose built operating facility for orthopaedic patients. Specialising in same day surgery, it is fitted out with the latest equipment and technology for arthroscopic and other short stay procedures.

The highly skilled surgeons using our theatres are supported by staff with extensive experience dealing with orthopaedic conditions, ensuring the best possible outcome for our patients.


Accessed via the main Hospital entrance off Rocklands Road. Parking Fee applicable. There is also limited parking in surrounding streets.

Patient Pick Up:

A Patient Drop Off/Pick Up zone is located outside the Mater Clinic. Drive in through the car park boom gate, go straight ahead, down ramp and veer right. The first 15 minutes of entering the car park are free. Mater Clinic staff recommend this method when picking up your loved one.